career exploration first week thoughts.

It was very excited and fritting at the Same time to be pick to try out TechHire this week. I always find Tech very interesting and complicated but doable thats why I never doubt myself to go on every time. My professors had been very helpful giving us plenty of resources to continue our education with website links, reference sheets and interactive videos that showed us what type of skill we can learn during this process.

I`I’ve always thought that I need it to be a genius to learn to code or Mohave a huge math understanding to figure out equation for movements but as I have move forwards with all the process, I find out all I need is dedication and skill for better understanding.

A great website that I had the opportunities to review was where I found plenty of students that graduated and are uploading their resumes with skills that they have learn in class. I have found many students that have started like me with little to no knowledge and are about to land a great carrier. I am great full to know that Laguardia can help me find a great company that can take my skills for future projects

I can set my mind for greatness using the acronym Smart which is short for Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound. Using this technique I can set realistic goals that I can find achievable and think about great work places that my skill and well understanding can used to improve their companies. I could set specific goals that I now I can achieve while deciding which areas I am most likely to follow along. I can also measure my goals as I go on to see if I have made great to little progress as I study for classes and projects.  Setting my mind to achievable goals that can give great outcome like learning 3d coding while reading preferences on p5js but also have to be realistic with which companies I like to pic for my future instead of thinking I have the skills to change the world as soon as I finish this program. I believe the most important part of this acronym will be figuring out what will be my timeframe because I can just do my regular hubbies and leave my reading for later knowing that I will be backup and not be able to sleep well which is a very important part of learning.

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