Where I See Myself In 5 Years.

Im very grateful to have the opportunity to lean to code thought the TechHire program. i have always like how technology is changing the way we live.

for the past 7 years i have work in the hospitality business, fine destination restaurants that have gave me plenty of knowledge on fine cousin and costumer service, most of my clients have show me how great is to have a career on big companies that are changing the world. The company that has impressed me the most is Tesla. Elon Musk had created a company in a concepts of electricity instead of gas for the caring of the planet, Also he has articulated a concept for self driving vehicles that can drive using auto pilot setting. WOW. i will love to be involve in the coding that will be able to move this vehicles from destination A to B and learn more about how i can also be part of something big to come. I also believe Tesla can improve plenty of transportation issues like cost and travel time by applying this new technologies that i want to be part of all.

Not only that, he also is working in a new project name the boring company that is an infrastructure and tunnel construction company helping reduce traffic congestions by allowing cars to drop to the under earth layer where a tunnel can help you mo straght to a new destination with you own car.

Space X was a company they started to help nasa launch new technology rockets to space and be able to landed back with easy and intact without losing any parts that will cost millions to remake.

last but not least the hyperloop was a protect that Elon Musk wanted to add to his company but didn’t have the time or money to started, so he had the idea to give it away to anybody who could see his vision and bring it to live. the project will redefine the transportation system by drilling underground tunnels and have a train that will be suspended by magnets making it to slide at high speeds cutting travel time to less than an hour.

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