CocoaPods NYC Meet Up

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a meed up in down town New York. it was a great experience as I got the opportunity to see a tech office. it was big, clean, and very bright. I got to spend time with 3 great person who where working on projects individually using Javascript, I felt intimidated as they where very advance and had big projects already. I did not expect the meet up to be this quiet one thing that stand out was the showers in the bathroom, it seems like workers stay there till late and get.the change to shower if need it, that’s great. also they have like a little lounge with gaming system for relaxing.

there where few people who attended the meet up an I got the opportunity to meet this great person Cory Mcaboy. he was one of 3 person who where coding in the cocoa pods. he has a great personality always smiling he show me what he was working on. there was a big project he was trying to debug, it was part of his car dealer website name Askotto. which wasn’t official jet. he show me how he was using GitHub to host his progress and also share it with his friends for comments. Askotto is basically a car comparing website similar to where you can compare car dealerships prices all over the states.

He also show me his website where he had all of his projects and references for people interested in contacted him. I told me how he was working as a free lancer developer and now he just landed a job in a great company which he was very exited to start working for and show them his skills. in addition to his website he is very active in GitHub and slack where he share ideas with his parents.check out his website

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