Command lines help developers find certain stuff from their computer such as folders, pictures, music, videos programs, etc. by using a different interface than your normal Windows or IOS interface.

CLI was early used by computers to function and run software before our modern age interfaces. Also with CLI you can go deep into your computer and change or modify everything from scratch. Not many people know how to operate this type of processors which can be very difficult for the regular person who is more used to the stylish interface. Most of the time the CLI will be handle by professionals software developers when and update in the interface needs to be done,

This is how to use it.

P5js is a programming software that will have you animated your videos and website that your working on. By using different codes we can create shapes, lines and even pictures with different shapes and colors. Something that really fascinated me was the animated activity that codes can bring to the programs, setting movements, sizes and vibrant colors.

This simple code can add a round shape with the color yellow to you work.

Also when using different codes with can change the color of a shape by just clicking on it or adding a bar that can change color by drawing it back and forward.